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  • Folks Action Against European-union.

    Against global union, the hell and UN.


    Betrayers at Norwegian parliament and government.


    Only YES to the constitution is NO to the European Union.


    Since may 30. 1949 the European movement has been established at our Storting in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Some of this people are members of different lodges (freemason), the Bilderbergergroup.

    This people have one thing in common. As normal, folk trusted them and besides they gained own future and glory from folks, nobody cud believe that they would betray our people and country- the politicians.

    This "clever" group, European movement inside our parliament tried to tempt our good politicians to join them from the first day of arrival at the parliament. Their behaviour is alike the mafia, but they are good at "gloss over". It is hard to see for a young or a newcomer at the parliament.

    WHAT is this Europa-movement group to infilter our parlament?
    Have you ever thaugt about it? Heres the real story, its the new DDR from East Germany under Russia, Kremline metods- not more or less. Kremline closed the old prissioner area DDR and opened a new and much bigger prison, EURABIA. There you have it exactly.

    Steinar Bastesen Kystpartiet
    Steinar Bastesen is one of the real good Norwegians that did not embrase or joined this illegal lobby European movement inside our Parliament. He is well known as the whaling skipper that became the chief at his own party, Kystpartiet. (Coustparty) Now he is fighting against this "cancer" all alone, the European movement inside of our parliament. This lodge-gang's behaviour against Mr. Bastesen are very cruel; he's been treated as the clown at the parliament from this gang.. We advice all Norwegians to support Bastesen and turn the as toward this illegal lobby, the Kremline death squad.. Bastesen is also among the few, who have put NO to Europe Union into his party-program.

    But now he is out of politician business at time. (2010.) In march 2009, I met Mr. Bastesen at Hurtigruten to Brønnøysund, and we had a chat over this issue. Bastesen told me that he was poisoned by coffee-acid at the parliament cantina of Stortinget in Oslo, the Capital of Norway. He got a stroke afterword’s and was in a hurry carried to the hospital for an operation. He was unconscious for several days, but slowly, he recovered. He showed me the scars after the operation. But you know, Bastesen is one Believer, so he was very happy when I put my hands on him in the name of Jesus Christ, I throw the devil out of him. This power is free to all the Believers in Christ! Hallelujah! Today (2017) Mr Bastesen is back again as the "chairman" of Kystpartiet- once again.


    Vidar Kleppe (D) did also put NO to EU into his party program recently. He is the leader of the Democrats party; Kristiansand. Now it is important to know witch side, country the politicians want to take care of? Now we must aim toward old customs again, and not trust the pope and the darkness of blood money. Never!


    This European movement (Bilderberger group) was established in 1954 at Oosterbec, Holland. The meeting was held in hotel Bilderberg. And this organisation (movement) got the name, Bilderbergergroup. The great agitator for this was Dr. Joseph Retingers. He did find a smart way to infiltrate the political-system all over the world. He discovered that it was very easy to manipulate many thousands of people throe, by make control over a few numbers of selected (lackey) people at top jobs. And hence let top classified people at leaderships at the parliament do the "dirty job" against the many thousands, (citizens). With this as basic, they started this group to in-filter many countries top level politicians. All over where big cases and agreements were taken, this people start to in filter our political hierarchy system. But also in police corps, banks, and big nasjonal firms and at Governments, where the top politicians was engaged with important solutions, nasjonal security and so on, the lackeys of this EURO-Kremline-movement became "warm" very soon. (Trojan horse.) Enlarged and increasing the mould warp activity. This they love to promote as democracy, but the truth is the opposite. Demon crazy. What did they have in return? Blood money! This is the Jesuitts, a commy made mad individual- who swor to kill any protestant wherever on earth.

    Christian Michelsen, earlier Primeminister

    One of our own earlier Primeminister Chr Michelsen did have a harem of Jesuitts in his own Hospitality, (1923) because it was forbidden to keep jesuitts and judes in our Contry, regarding our National Law. So he was not a good minister at all. In 1956 the amount of jesuitts became so bad, that they removed the denie-paragraph word in the Norwegian Law against judes and jesuitts. And now we want to restore this National Law.


    Day by day they get more and more influence at national tasks and start to change the main scheduler that runs the people of Norway’s will, throe the elections every fourth year at our par lament. (Storting)

    This group established their own par lament-group in our par lament, the year 1969, 7. of May. The people of the "European movement) used our own democracy, to deny us our own human rights. Suddenly we assumed that something was wrong, but we didn't understand what the reason for this was, because of this illegally secret activity and the corrupted, deceiving people inside of our own Parliament and Government. The people of Norway will get very angry with this freemason gang at the Par liament and the Government- by when the "D-day" appear. It does when we put the people’s noses by knowledgeable in this matter, then the revolution will take place here. To throw this illegal people in jail.


    It is unbelievable that nobody have asked about the legitimately reason for why they run this "cancer cyst" in our par lament? It is no doubt that this is illegal regarding to our law (constitution law). The parliament number of members involved is high, 143 of 169 parliament representants is engaged by this illegal lodge. Recording to the Crime and Punishment § 330 and § 83, their heads are to fall.


    They are dishonest, and work against our law (constitution law) of 1814. We got first degree top secret classified documents that confirm this lodges roles. They are put in, just to vanish Norway as a country- and to join the European Union by changing our law and forces us into this unwanted situation. The same happened in Germany, they are already in this "cancer cyst". The people of Germany want to get out. The people of Sweden regret this and want to get out. In UK also. Now Cameron is seek of this. The folks of Sweden believed Norway was going to say yes in 1994, because they had voted for EU before us. They may be inflicted by the words of the x-prime minister Gro Harlem Brundland, who loved the EU union most. She was certain about winning this game. The Norwegians did never vote for her. The labour p did. As many as 6 times, can you believe it? Norwegians did not like her.

    The same in Denmark. Eu wants to take control over all country’s money and run the "show" just by a few leaders behind closed doors. The worse thing one man can do is to be involved to vanish a nation and their customs.


    The people of Norway have told the politician twice that Norway shod be independent, first in the year 1972 and later in the referendum of 1994. The x-prime minister Gro H. Brundtland told as at TV this night in 28. of November 94, "wie haben andere metoden", after she got the news from the referendum, she did lost the game. Now we understand what she meant by put in the illegal EØS agreements. This is the roles of EU that are making to influence our own democracy. This is absolute forbidden regarding § 1 and 112 in our law. The "wonder boy" of the labour party at this time, T. Jagland said "The citizen who is cheating in this matter, will loose this fight". YES, the labour party did loose this fight and thereby cheated us as well. 1994- 28.11 was the second great offending toward our nation. The labour’s "wonder boy" Jagland promoted his "Norwegian house" policy, it went direct "west" as we say in our country- when things works against plans. Scarcity is among us than ever before. The oil money and billions of kroners are sent away out of the country to "wild-west" investments and nonsense. The "gang" at the par lament has given away some of our own will to United Nations. They can practically bag for money and have it. This is unbelievable. Nobody at the Government or any department can find a clear answer to us, from where they have these rights? It is not in our constitution, rarely it is written the opposite here. It is written OUR rights here, but may they don't can read?

    In ten years the Norwegian Government have spend 200 milliard kroners to be invested in different nonsense tasks. This you can read about here, Terje Tvedt. It's the greatest robbery in history against the Norwegian people. We got roomers about what more "wild west" tasks this lodge-gang has done against the people of Norway. We are waiting for the top secret classified documents before we let all surfers to see it. This is just as in a criminal adventure. But inside this lodges there is many "white snip tie- crimes". They are told to lie in any court to protect each other (brother).


    The human rights do not seem to be legal in Norway? Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø is one proof among many other inhabitants of Norway who have been taken into medicine treatments without free will. They been forced by Norwegian police, and doctors put special drugs into their bodies to remain as borderline patients. Taftø was working as top jurist at the Department of foreign affairs. She was very loyal to the constitution of Norway and discovered that x-prime minister Gro H. Brundtland was tricking the roles to "jump into bed" with Europe Union (the pope) and Norwegian fish-investments. Taftø was going to have an interview in NRK television news about Brundtlands affairs toward EU and our fish-policy. The worse ting to do, was exactly what Thorvald Stoltenberg did at a meeting in Brussels1991, a cruel thing to do. First T Stoltenberg threw the meida out and closed the doors- to the meeting agenda.

    He gave away our fish domain by nothing in return from EU. Island and Denmark was sitting by and cud not believe what they heard Jens Stoltenbergs father said.


    But, the x-prime minister Gro H. B. spread false information about Taftø's health, that she was crazy. Therefore NrK did not take that interview they had planned to do with Synnøve F Taftø. The one who really are crazy is Gro H Brundtland, if any.

    The fishermen of Norway are angry with Brundtland after this. But the to-day's prime-minister Bondevik is very keen at human rights word-wide, but he does not take action at his own back yard? But today- we have the Nazi-Kgb regime at our parliament. The red green cccp. You know, when you mix red and green, what do you get? Correct, brown. 100 prosent back to 1945, then it was the same. Stalin took it all in the shadows. So, we know how to show them off. We are happy to see that labour and SV is out of date. :) The whole political system in norway is RIGGED by cccp, todays FsB Kremline. People of Norway have NO influence what so ever in any cases, since the state cup of 1940. 10. of January.


    Even under Adolf Hitler it was better conditions, he did also put our freedom away. The Norwegians did know that Hitler only was an unwanted occupant we just delayed with for a while. At this second WW-time many good Norwegians join Adolf's Nazi system to in filter. For example in Nordland there was a good Norwegian policeman, but the Nazis didn’t know that he was a good Norwegian. The Nazis believed this policeman was a good Nazis. And this policeman (Lensmann) informed all the citizens when then Nazis start the radio rassia. Search for illegal radio sets. Then Norwegian citizen’s cud relaxes and hides the radio receivers away from the Nazis. This shows us what kind of stuff our brave men were made of, and what good Norwegians cud do to stop Nazis and other scumbags. This with a great danger for their own life. Some other people had no choice- to survive, they worked for Nazis.

    Today we do not like that when we see the same methods again, and now we do not feel to relax, we must fight again. This fight will be much worse to win. This time the policemen is not our friends, they are working for the lodges, the Kremline death Squadrone.The proof for this is all the drugs they do not seem to have force to "take care" of? One day ago (14.07) Norway’s biggest drug-delivery was taken at Gardermoen airport, our "beauty" brand new air-terminal. The police had no force to stop this. The foreigner cud gladly continues his drug selling at the airport. These are shortly a scandal, as the politician of Norway. Welcome to Norway!

    For all to see, UN promote Norway to be the best country to live in- but the truth is, Norway is the worst place to live in, and in fact nr 2 on the worst List over ware-makers in the world.

    When you understand that Stalin made up both, UN and Nato- just to find out what the enemy said about Russia- makes you awakening aout Maskirovka from Kreml.


    All this years the EU-movement have been acting as angels by changing our laws as an legal act, but the truth is- all this was done by legal fiction. This people sit behind closed doors where nobody have access, but themselves- lodge people, the gang. And we assumed that it was democracy in Norway? NO way! The people of Norway are unknown about all this. We can give the thanks to the national TV channel NRK for this, they are the very best friend of the lodges, and the boss himself is of cause a member of the gang. The wonder boy from H- party Mr. Bernander. To-day we can’t see any differ between NRK and Tv2. THEY both transmits garbage all the day, cheep soap operas from the US. Lately it was sent a Satanist festival across the Norwegian TV screens. (The quart festival) We cud not believe what we actually saw. The youngsters showed us the devil sign and they sent a "rape" direct at TV into millions of Norwegians stoves. This rape was planned to be a support to the rain forest. These Satanist environments they spread all over, but it is the same shit as the Nazi ideology as our gang at the par lament do these days -to join EU. As Hitler wanted.


    The noble motives of the European movement


    Pan Europe


    Shouldn’t the citizen of Norway by now be well informed about the powered organisation behind the goal of our Government and this cancer group inside our par lament in this case? Why this silence, and why does we not hear about this? Why not the YES movement does tell us what their goal is? The answer is- many people do not know this story. Because most newspapers and TV of Norway are involved in this- and are cooperating with the European movement, and covering them. To understand this story, we must go back to 1923. At this time a book was launched in Wienna that make one thunder storm. The title was "PAN EUROPE", written by Richard Couvdenhove-Kalerigi.


    This book was describing in detail how to make the United Nations of Europe. The tiny beginning of this European movement is related back to 1923, in basic from this writer’s vision. After the second world-ware this movement was spread and fast growing in west- Europe. They was established in Norway, believe it- in our own par lament the year 1949 the 30. Of May.


    FAAEU advise all people of Norway to take action by next year election. All people are asked to look carefully at every party them going to vote for. Don't put YES to Union parties into the Storting next time. We put our GOLD to the hero, Mr. Steinar Bastesen, Kystpartiet. But we are glad to tell that Norgesparty is coming up, it is also a good feeling to us in FAAE. All parties that are involved in-to days Left-Right axe is in fact inflicted in foreign affaires- rather folks will. Corruption.


    So far, the European movement under covered work has failed in their attempt to get Norway into EU. Let us keep up this failure in the future and stop the millions of kroners that this EU-system sucks every day for nothing from our tax and oil money. But we still have too many eu directives into our Law. This is the Nazi plan going on, behind our back, and Stalins Kgb from Kremline still running the tables. Its time to remember that Stalin and Adolf H both came from the levft evil ving.


    This European-movement people have burned the Norwegian candle to long in both ends, and now the "party" GAME is over.


    We are very interested to get in contact with people who can translate some of FAA's sites to American language. You can take contact with us here. Our wallet is not as big as the gang of the lodges, but our hart is twice bigger. The US is under the darkness totally. Wait and see what will happen to the west coast.


    ALL for Citizens of Norway.


    If you have any inside information, FAAEU will not be surprised- but we will put it out here for all to read the truth about the secrets at our par lament and Government. This information must be spread all over, and 60 minutes in the US should take a closer look, :).

    FAAEU France Le monde secret de Bilderberg


    Independed UK

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