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  • Toward a New World Order

    - Part 1:

    European Movement "noble" motives

    It is now obvious that the results of the referendum on the EU 28.11.94 are not respected, either by the government or the European Movement. Both parties were quick with the signals of an early rematch, for now used the EEA agreement for all what it is worth.

    Pan Europe

    Should not the Norwegian people finally informed about what is the motive power and the goal of the government and the European Movement in this case? Why do we not hear so much about this? Why not tell people straight out what the European Movement aims? The answer is that many do not know to this goal at all. To understand it, we need to move some years back in time. In 1923 it came out a book in Vienna that stirred excitement right, title was "PanEuropa".

    The author was Richard Couvdenhove-Kalergi struck to the sound of a Europe United States. European Movement's first era dates from 1923, on the basis of the author's vision. After the Second World War began activity really to take up with novice-activity in all western European countries. Norway came to it, and was founded by a meeting of the Parliament on 30 May 1949.

    Cheek spiritual gifts!

    In Europe Movement statute is adopted the following: "Its goal is the creation of Europe's leading states, equipped with a government, a parliament with two chambers, elected at the general election, a court and an economic and social council." Now began the work ä recruit people with key positions on social impact, but it provides the best target audience was no callers than the popularly elected in Parliament. The people who had chosen to respect the Constitution and the Constitution being enlist in the hope numbers to an organization that worked with energy for the abandonment of national governments in favor of a European government.

    In 1970 Parliament passed by 150 delegates, 120 of them had joined the European Movement, mainly from the Labour and the Conservatives. This is incredible, but proves how the voters have been manipulated and brought back the light in all the years up to the present. Yes, nerve spiritual gifts gave them even alibi to form the European Movement constituded parliament at a meeting of the Parliament building, the 7 May 1969. They hijacked our parliament for 20 years. The entire 80% of our parliament repentants was when members of an organization working for a "European United States" and for the necessary waiver of national sovereignty that means!

    How cud this happen without people knowing? Here, a few cite the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: "The world is governed by very different people than most people, who are not behind the scenes, think" One of these people, the Polish. Dr Joseph Retinger, has played a central role in this drama morbide. He was a key figure behind most of the major conferences, associations and institutions that work for European integration. European Movement would not have seen the light of day without him. Europe Congress in The Hague, his works, and Europe grew out of this.

    In the shelter of these facts, any thinking person must have reached a conclusion about what yes to E-Union with the government are working for. But the plan and vision is much more advanced. We are not talking about peanuts here!


    Toward a New World Order - Part 2:

    Bilderberger Group "noble" motives

    "The Norwegian government- a threat to peace."

    This was written in 1994, and today we see more than ever that these ideas win a foot in both the mass media, the educational system and among intellectuals and political leaders-both in Norway, Europe and the global level. Bilderberger Group has had enormous influence on Western philosophy; it has put on the agenda all the popular arguments for strengthening of cooperation and global political integration. Bilderberger Group is only one of the many organizations that work for a global order.

    Bilderberger Group was Dr_ Joseph Retingers largest company ever. He had always believed that "public opinion was shaped by influential personalities. He preferred to work through a few selected individuals rather massive publicity." It was precisely this that characterized Bilderberger Group: secret meetings one to two times a year, where heads of state and banking and industry leaders met, an entire hotel was occupied, all the guests kicked out and security forces guarded the area the meeting lasts 2-3 days. Media Topper is always true, but you almost never hear a beep in the media about these meetings. The reason is that Dr. Retinger was dissatisfied with the pace of the political integration process. He contacted Nederlands Prince Bernhard, and they gathered together a group of both European and U.S. political leaders and financial leaders to a first meeting on 29 May 1954 in Hotel Bilderberg in the Dutch city Oosterbeck.

    Bilderberger Group first project was to work behind the scenes for political integration and the abandonment of the federation. One of the members, George McGhee, said bluntly that "You can say that the Rome Treaty (which was the start of EF) was the birthplace of these meetings and that our discussions were of great importance to the design."

    Bilderberger Group has, in other words, had very great influence on European integration policy and is therefore a great responsibility for the EU we see today. From the confidential papers from the meetings expire the following:

    "The participants in Bilderberger conference should, as far as possible, promoting the ideas and conclusions that are made at the Bilderberger meetings, and participants ask in the light of the consensus that has existed to be able to convey these views on to the public within their own communities, "WITHOUT discover ITS SOURCE." This is also clear with sheen! In short, Bilderberger Group aims close European integration and the creation of a New World Order with a World Director Ring!

    Method: infiltrations of the national government's power centres - the National Assembly and government - for as practicing hidden influence and gain political control.

    Behind closed doors creating consensus. A Norwegian newspaper lists many of the Norwegian politicians in these very dubious characters of the forum, a political scandal. You do not even have to wonder why you have not heard anything about this!

    John Johansen



    Toward a New World Order - Part 3:

    Rome club's "noble" motives

    Roma club (Club of Rome) has had enormous influence on Western philosophy-it has put on the agenda all the popular arguments for strengthening of cooperation and global political integration. This group was formed in 1968 and participants are more of the intellectual and financial elite. In 1972 they gave out its first report: "The growth limitations", as with reference to western economic growth. Their analysis was based on a model at one of the nation's leading universities, MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here they had supplied a wealth of data, and the computer gave the answer to the global problems facing humanity stood. But what was the computer’s answer to human problems? Yes, it drew up many global issues and changes that have occurred in recent years, and declared that this was affected on "the first global revolution". A "new community" must rise out of the tree of the old society, and our goal must be to "mobilize human strength and political will to create the new global society."

    Taking into it - here presented the world's problems as a pretext and a press agent to accept the new world order with the loss of national states and borders. Therefore, could the former Foreign Minister Thorvald Stoltenberg (The father of Jens Stoltenberg, (Labour) to-day Prime Minister) will declare (according to the norwegian newspaper Aftenposten 28.07.94) at "nation-state (is) a threat" (for peace).

    Global Revolution - what lies behind all this? What frame are problems in? This is very important questions that require clear answers. The study of real-world politics is that we see-a study of power groups, who often work in the hidden (such as. European Movement, Bilderberger Group, Rome club, etc.). At a closer study of these get insight into what tomorrow brings away, what plans they have and what principles they work for. Before obtain this, it can be difficult to understand what happens in the meantime. The conclusion, however, to be close to stumble: All this game is all about power! It's especially about the disintegration of all the barriers that prevent these groups of power. The barrier state constitutes one of the obstacles on the wiz to a New World Order and a Global Government. You who do not have been aware of these realities should know that if we put us under a world regime, then the majority forces that are going to decide, and the people's vote dwindle more and more-then vanished.

    To the end is your choice - you will be part of these plans? Or do you want to discard them? It is only you who can give answers to.

    John Johansen



    Bjørgulf Mortensen

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